Thursday, September 1, 2011

The L&R Dog Show

Yesterday was an exciting day. First, we finalized our new kitchen layout. Cabinets, appliances, and moving stuff around so we can fit a dishwasher in and not have a fridge in basically the middle of the room. We're really excited for the new kitchen, especially opening up the wall to create more of a sense of openness in the small room.

See the wall where the sink is? The top half is going away. And there will be a dishwasher there. Because I hate washing dishes. And dishwashers have been shown to actually save water over hand washing (if you run a full load rather than lots of half empty ones). Yay for being lazy and green!

We also took Sadie to the house that night so she could explore for the first time (in a calm setting rather than the craze of moving). She ran around for almost 2 hours between the inside of the house and the backyard. And seemed pretty happy while doing so. (She was also quite difficult to photograph since she wouldn't stop running around and I was trying to avoid butt shots)

We brought dinner with us to give Sadie the most time possible to explore the house. Along with a little beer. Except in the haste of leaving we forgot a bottle opener and corkscrew. And of course the beer we brought needed both. Luckily, my mother taught me the important things in life. No, not math or science or anything like that (actually, if you knew my mom, you'd be laughing at the thought of her teaching me math). But the really important things like how to get into the alcohol bottles without the proper tools. The previous owners left a bunch of tools (among other stuff) in the basement. So after a little digging, we found a long screw and some needle nose pliers. And ta-da! Open beer!

And before we left the house, we went back through the abundance of keys to find the one that opens the garage door. Which is good because now we can get into the front, back, and garage doors of our house. All with different keys of course. But that will change once we get the locks changed. One key. Every door. So much easier to deal with.

I'll be heading back to the house tomorrow to start going through everything that was left, and taking some measurements for projects. And of course I will do my best to document what I find after.

I've added a couple more pictures to the house tour tab! And decided it might be easiest to split the house tours into two tabs of before and after. Of course, I will show before and after pictures when I post about those projects so you don't have to flip back and forth.

Also noteworthy, my new camera came! Now the pictures of the reno and projects should be good quality!

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