Monday, September 5, 2011

A Work In Progress

So we're back with updates from a long holiday weekend. With lots of stuff to share.

Saturday was a wash as far as house improvements went. We spent the day in Champaign cheering the Illini to their first victory of the season! (Albeit a rather frustrating game)

Yesterday (Sunday), we started the day with a trip to Home Depot on the way to our house. We picked up some new window locks (since some of the first floor windows were missing locks). I then spent a couple hours taking off the old rusted locks and putting on the new ones. And also macgyvering some of the windows that had shifted and warped over time.

While I replaced locks, Kevin made a trip to Lowe's (we were all about the home improvement stores yesterday). He picked up our new lawn mower! A Fiskar's Momentum Reel Mower. Now we could have gone with a typical gas powered self propelled mower. But our lawn is super tiny and those mowers just seemed so big. The reel mower also had the perks of overall savings (no fuel to buy ever), its much quieter, less parts to break (no motor), and it's eco friendly! It seemed to work well when we tried it. (Though my dad still thinks we're crazy for getting a push mower)

I also started to trim back some of the monster plants that are taking over the yard. While there are some pretty flowers in the backyard, they are in need of some major pruning. Not to mention there are a lot of plants with thorns. Which probably isn't the best idea with a curious little puppy. We've planned a family gardening day this week (weather permitting) to trim everything back (like the climbing rose that has taken over the deck).

Look! there's a deck behind there!
Today we went back to the house and spent the day going through the mass quantities of stuff left in the garage. With the help of our parents, we cleaned everything up (after taking care of the spiders that had made the garage their home) and sorted everything into things we may want to use/sell, and things that were just trash (I'm all about the repurposing and reusing, but there are some things you just can't fix). I apparently forgot to take a picture of the clean-ish garage, but I'll try to remember to get one next time I'm at the house!

Less than three weeks until we move in!

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