Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our first anniversary! Though, with all the house craziness, we put off anniversary present(s) for a bit. We decided to take on a tradition of instead of buying each other presents for our anniversary, we were going to get something that we could enjoy together. This year it will probably be something for the house (not sure what yet... have to figure out something paper).

We spent most of the weekend with a friend's wedding events. Friday was the rehearsal and Saturday, of course, the wedding. Kevin was a bridesman for the wedding. And it seemed to be the consensus that he looked a bit like the Monopoly man (minus the 'stache). The wedding was at Brookfield Zoo and turned out lovely (the rain held out for the outdoor ceremony in front of the fountain).

Today was not only our anniversary, but furniture moving day! We moved all our boxes of stuff Thursday with the help of my parents. But decided to hire movers for the furniture (we have a big sectional and heavy bedroom furniture and such that I am no help trying to carry). So while Kevin finished getting things together at the apartment, I headed to the house to clean up a bit so we had relatively clean floors for our stuff. Post stuff getting moved into the house (in the middle of rooms since the walls are still open for finishing the electrical), we wrapped everything in plastic in hopes to avoid crazy dusty furniture after drywalling.

And now that just about everything is moved, we are basically camping out in our apartment until Friday. Hopefully the contractors will get the electrical up and running before then.
Yes I did paint around bookshelves...
Can you tell who our alma mater is? And yes that is the Hawks game on the TV.
Tonight it's breaking out our top layer of cake from our wedding and the champagne (that I still want to type as champaign) our realtor gave us. Surprisingly the cake tasted great (even after being frozen for a year)! Kudos to my mom and Google for getting our cake to last for our anniversary!

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