Friday, September 2, 2011

And So It Begins

The reno work that is!

I took a trip to the house with my mom today to take some measurements for furniture and window treatments (since the ones there are not quite our taste). Much to my surprise, when I got there the front door was open. I wasn't aware of anyone that was going to be there. So naturally my first thought was 'did someone seriously break into my house three days after we closed?' Turns out the plumbers were able to start today instead of next week like the other contractors! They seemed to be making decent progress, at least as far as ripping things out was concerned. They had a nice hole cut in the wall, ceiling, and floor above to get to some of the pipes.

Since it was a balmy 94° out, we decided to open up some windows (the house doesn't have a/c yet... keyword is yet because boy was it steamy in there) only to find that almost every window had the storm window down and screens up. We went through and swapped those out on each window to get a little fresh air in. Not to mention that half of the old windows had makeshift stoppers made from thumbtacks. Clever, huh?

And then we went back to the measuring. We measured some of the rooms to make sure our furniture will fit. And that the new furniture we buy will fit before buying anything. Of course after getting home and measuring some furniture, I found that the longest wall is about four inches too short in the new master bedroom for our current bedroom set. I'm sure we can rearrange some things (like maybe using the nightstands as a bench at the end of the bed instead since we have cubbies in the headboard) to make it fit. At least the living room is big so our sectional will fit. And the dining room is quite large so the table/chairs I've been eyeing should fit no problem. Though I am still trying to figure out where to put the puppy's crate (or house as we like to call it... just sounds nicer).

We're hoping to make some good progress at the house this holiday weekend by going through as much of the stuff that was left in the garage and basement as possible. After going to cheer on the Illini at their first football game of the season of course. I-L-L!

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  1. What a nice surprise for you to find an earlier than expected beginning to the reno!