Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Electric!

Right now our progress is in the hands of our electrician.

Yesterday we made a quick stop by the house on our way home. The parentals came as well. To help/bring stuff to the house/bring the puppy back to us (she stayed at their house while we were out of town for the weekend).

They took the tedious job of hanging the brackets for the shelving in the closet. Normally this wouldn't be a difficult task. Except the house is old. And has plaster walls. And the studs are awkwardly spaced (I'm pretty sure they just kind of threw in pieces of wood wherever they felt like it). But all six brackets are up and into studs. The shelves will go up after the electrician is done cutting holes in just about every wall/ceiling.

While they were working on that, I went around and took down all of the ugly curtains (that looked as if they hadn't been washed in my lifetime). The place instantly looked more current and cleaner. I got some new curtains from Ikea last week, but those will stay packaged and clean until once again the electrician is done cutting holes in walls.

While taking off curtains, I also took off the ugly blinds that were on the front door.

Tonight we had an update meeting with the contractor and electrician. We went over what's been done (rough plumbing is in and the new furnace & a/c are finishing up) and what still needs to be done. Good news is things seem to be coming together and prices are working out (that granite I told you about... turns out it's in budget!). Bad news is the electrician isn't sure they will be done with all the wiring before we are supposed to move in (two weeks from yesterday). We're going to take it day by day and figure out a plan b of where to live later if necessary (cross your fingers it's not necessary).

Over the next couple weeks the project list is probably going to remain long. Once the electrician is done and the walls are put back together, things will pick up again. In the meantime, I'll be sure to keep posting on progress of the contractors. And of course any smaller projects we do or plan.

We also just got the Love&Reno-vation Fund up and running! Click the tab at the top to help with our renovations!

P.S. The song lyric post title was all Kevin this time... I've been trying to avoid them (but songs just fit so well sometimes).

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