Friday, September 27, 2013

A Peek[-A-Boo] Into The Nursery

Since the end of construction, we've started on the project of decorating the nursery. It's still got a ways to go, but here's a quick preview of it.

We have all the major furniture pieces now: crib, dresser and rocker. The dresser still needs to be stained/painted as it's an unfinished hand-me-down (it was part of a bedroom set I had years back), but we haven't 100% figured out what we want to do with it yet. We also have a nice, soft high pile rug to anchor the room, a towel holder that we plan to use to hold baby blankets, some baskets for toys, a changing pad for atop the dresser, and some heavy curtains to block out any light. Since the picture was taken we also received the crib mattress, curtain rods, and a pouf ottoman for near the rocker.

We do have a few things left to be delivered. Our mobile is on its way from California as I type (well probably not since it's coming USPS and it's 9:00pm, so it's probably sitting in post office storage), and a few pillows and a changing pad cover should come early October. Then we get to sit back and arrange, rearrange, and figure out what we forgot. The goal is to have the nursery mostly complete by Halloween, and fully complete (minus any toys or clothes and such) for our baby shower.

Then this weekend, after a quick trip to Bloomington for a wedding, I'll be having a girls day with a couple friends to paint.

And yes, I've heard that some of the Jewish women that read this blog may be having a small heart attack right now over the idea of the nursery being set up, but I really like to have a say in things that affect me when I can and to have things like this done my way, so to relinquish control was just out of the question (call me a control freak, I don't mind). Also, I may be superstitious, but plenty of babies do just fine with having the nursery set up ahead of time, so I'm just going to go with that. :)

Of course I'll have updates as things come together more!

Three Rooms Become Two

Sorry folks for the lack of a post recently (or basically forever). Life has gotten the best of us and unfortunately the blog suffered. I'll have two posts for you tonight to hopefully make up for the hiatus.

After 3 weeks of construction, the bedrooms were finally "done." I use the word done loosely because there was still an abundance of staining that needed to be tended to.

Here's a little photo timeline of the construction project.

Center window all closed up. Ready for the new wall.

Framing out the new closets (sorry it's a tad blurry...)

Closet framing on the other side of the window.

Doorway opened up, header in.

Shot of the closet framing and opened doorway with header.

So much wider area to walk from the front to the back of the room.

So much wider area to walk from the front to the back of the room.

Framed in window bench (with storage!)

New wall separating the back room.

Drywall begins!

Dry wall on the new closets and window bench.

Dry wall on the new closets and window bench.

Dry wall on the new closets and window bench.

And a lid for the window bench!

No longer able to get between rooms without going into the hall.

Closet doors.
Closet doors hung. Window bench and baseboards stained. 
Kevin took a couple weekends and stained all the baseboards and the window benches in the two rooms. He even did the trim and other staining projects throughout the rest of the house that we had been seriously slacking on getting to (most had only been there for two years...).

So now it's on to decorating!