Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's About Time...


I feel like that should get its own post seeing as how long of a process it was to get there. But there is much more to share so I will continue in this post.

Closing. Finally. It seemed like it took an eternity to get here. Nearly 4 months. But it finally came! After about 2 hours of signing, we were finally handed our keys. I was told so many times how much we would have to sign, I was actually expecting more. Though I will say I was forgetting how to make legible letters in my name by the end of it.

We went back to the house later that day and had our first meal in our house. Subway $5 footlongs. Not the most gourmet or exciting of meals, but at 3pm after an exhausting day and having not eaten yet, they were delicious.

I then proceeded to walk the house and take some pictures (more to come... my battery was dying) while Kevin lay on the living room floor. Take a quick peak at our house "befores" under the House Tour tab! I also took pictures of some of the things left in the house by the previous owners... like a cool vintage turntable and sewing machine (that could possibly make a nice birthday present for one decently talented seamstress that I happen to be related to... and take advantage of on a regular basis for new clothing...) along with about 7 ladders (anyone in the market for a ladder?).

And of course, who could forget about the roof. The wonderful roof. And the not so wonderful drama that came with it. Well about an hour before closing, I got a call from our attorney saying he was able to get the sellers to agree to a small portion of the insurance money. Let's just say its not going to make much of a dent in the cost of a new roof. But we took it anyway. Because a little bit is better than nothing. And at this point we were just so over this situation that we just wanted it to go away. 

Now to just start all the renovation work, pack up our apartment, go through all the stuff left in the house, and get the puppy acclimated to the house before moving in (so she doesn't freak out like last time... see the simple dog in hyperbole and a half). A lot to do still, but super excited that we're finally onto this stage of the process!

We were also given a lovely bottle of champagne (that I definitely just typed as champaign...) by our fabulous realtor that we are excited to celebrate with!

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