Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bidding Adieu

It was a sad, sad day today. I had to say goodbye and paint over my masterpiece wall. I couldn't bear to do the first strokes of paint, so my mom (who came to help paint) took that job. 

Here's one last look at it before:

And mid-painting:

And three coats of paint later:

It's just so boring and white now. But that's how management wants us to leave it. Or they would charge us to paint it that way (which would cost us so much more than just painting it ourselves).

No worries though. I have plenty of pattern/texture/mural walls planned for the house. And I will always have the memories of this wall. Like the purple stripes in my old bedroom at my parents' house. That my mother also painted over... Hmm I'm seeing a pattern here...

Only two more days until we join our stuff in our house!


  1. Your wall was so pretty !!! Well now u have a whole house to decorate !!! Very exciting. I may steal this idea. I need an accent wall in steel blue shades
    -Michelle h

  2. HMM the pattern you may be seeing is the one that is obvious to me... I like no love to paint things! :) Making that wall not plaid was fun but the new projects will be fun too!

  3. I'm good with a paintbrush and would love to help with the projects in your new house! :)

  4. That wall is so creative! If I ever get a place of my own I might have to steal it :)