Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Not-So-Baby Sized Project

I know I haven't posted any updates in a while. That's mostly because we haven't really done much around the house lately. But we do have a fun new project we're planning, a nursery!

We still have to tackle the big construction of the upstairs bedrooms, so that's our first step. Once the construction is done, we will have two larger bedrooms, instead of two small rooms and an awkward adjoining room. Each room will have proper lighting and closets too. Then we have the fun task of decorating. New light fixtures, paint, furniture, area rugs, curtains, etc etc.

We'll also be working a bit in the basement and setting up a guest room down there as well. Because, you know, a giant upstairs project wasn't enough to do at one time.

We don't have a whole lot to share about either project quite yet, as we don't even have a time frame of when we're going to start the construction yet. But we'll definitely keep everyone updated when we start. And one of these years we'll update on our exterior projects and how they're coming along too (hint: slowly thanks to mother nature).