Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Mishmash Weekend

This weekend was a busy one. Albeit, a bit of a hodgepodge of events.

Friday night we stopped by the house to take a look at the progress. The a/c & new furnace were in and complete, and the piping for the electrical seemed to be mostly done upstairs. Hopefully they will be able to finish downstairs and get wires pulled before we're supposed to move in next weekend.

Saturday, we spent the day at multiple sporting events (unfortunately no house progress). The morning started at the Blackhawks Training Camp Festival. Kevin and my parents ran in the 5k Mad Dash to Madison (I was supposed to run, but messed up my foot a while back and am still off hard surface running). They all did great (especially for their first races ever)! Kevin finished with a 32:31 time, my dad 37:35, and mom 37:54! We also got to watch the first Blackhawks practice and scrimmage of the season.

We then headed down to Champaign for the Illini football game. We did a little tailgating, saw some friends that we haven't seen in forever, and got to watch a great Illini win (that lead to a #24 ranking)! Though I will note, I am still not happy about that disgrace to 3-in-1... just not acceptable.

Sunday we headed back to Chicago. Like any girl, I couldn't pass up a great sale. Especially when it was on stuff we wanted for the house. Vogue Fabrics in Evanston was having one of their crazy awesome sales. I got fabric for tons of pillows and for a quite large window bench project I have planned. All for about $30. That's 6 yards of fabric for pillows (I have a little obsession with pillows and since the fabric was so cheap, I decided to get extra) and 3 yards of upholstery fabric. Upholstery fabric itself usually runs $25/yard or more (some can be as much as $50/yard). So this sale of $6/yard was amazing. Though I'm thinking I still want to get one more color for pillows (a brighter green to offset the muted nature of the other colors... which the top middle one is green but is photographing kind of tanish).

Any DIY'ers in the Chicago area for sure need to check out Vogue for their next fabric related project. Especially during one of their sales (they only have a few a year, but when they do you can get fabric for as little as $1.29/yard like I snagged today). The selection is amazing! But be prepared to spend a little time digging. Especially if you aren't sure exactly what you want. 

That's just a portion of one room... There are four rooms... 

But now that I have fabric, I can't wait to start those projects! Keep checking back for updates as they get going! For now its back to packing up the apartment.

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