About Us

I'm Beth. My husband is Kevin. Our puppy is Sadie (well she's 4 1/2, so she's not much of a "puppy"... but we call her that anyways). We're a young married couple, who just bought our first place in the wonderful city of Chicago.

I'm openly obsessed with HGTV and DIY Network. Those are my go to channels. One of the two is on pretty much all day. So I'd like to think I've learned a little about decorating and DIY (and thanks to my mother I can handle power tools). Now I'm no expert. And I'm no contractor. Which is why some of these projects are best left to the professionals (rewiring an entire house is no project for a DIYer). But we'll be tackling a lot of projects to turn this house into a home, and documenting it all along the way!