Sunday, September 11, 2011

For The Love Of Money

So it's been a few days since the last post. Not too much to update unfortunately.

Thursday started off meeting up with the electrician. We toured the house marking areas for switches and outlets and what rooms we wanted cable and ethernet run to. We also found out the plumbing was finishing up (meaning running water again!)

After that Kevin had to get to work and I took a drive out to Wheeling to look at granite. Unfortunately, that was a bit of a bust. So it was up to Northbrook to look some more. I found a stone there but still have no idea if its within budget. I tend to like expensive, so I'm not holding my breath.

To finish off the day's errands, I stopped at Michael's. I was excited because I had coupons for a few things. Turns out this Michael's was closing so everything was already 50% off. Which was even better than my coupons. So I picked up some fall decor that will eventually get a coat of paint to make it look intentionally fake rather just a bad attempt at realism. More on that project in a later post.

And to close out the day, I came up with a design for the front door. I mentioned in an earlier post we are planning on frosting the glass to give some privacy after getting rid of the ugly blinds that are there.

Now onto Friday. Once again we were back at it with granite shopping (with all of the issues we've had, I wanted to possibly have a plan b in case stuff came in too pricey). Once again my like of expensive things came into play. So if the Thursday find is too pricey, the hunt is still on.

We also met with our financial advisor. Trying to come up with a plan that will allow us to afford that new roof and food. We'll be able to make it work, but the savings is just going to be a tad depleted for a while (so keep viewing this blog!) And if anyone wants to donate to the cause... Well be creating a Love&Reno-vation Fund! Look for it to pop up here sometime this week!

So now it's back to the scenic drive home from Terre Haute where we were for a friend's lovely wedding yesterday. (Congrats again to Elaine and Nick!)

Aaannndddd we definitely just had a peacock walk across the street in front of our car...

We'll be stopping at the house on the way back to check on progress and hopefully get a little more work done of our own (with no workers to get in the way of). For now I think that is all. Sorry for the lack of pictures. Maybe I'll edit some in later when I have a real computer and not just my phone.

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