Monday, October 3, 2011

The Never Ending Move

Friday we continued what seems to be our endless moving process. It was the last day in our (super boring white) apartment. We spent the day packing up the few things we had left and schlepping them to the house. And cleaning the apartment. Let's be honest, though. Kevin did most of the schlepping and I did most of the packing and cleaning. Goodbye Morgan apartment.

One last sunset from the apartment
While we were finishing our moving process, an abundance of workers were at our house attempting to make it livable. Drywall went up, cabinets and appliances were delivered, cable was activated, and electrical was pulled.

There were of course a few adventures along the moving process. First, we encountered a couple of scrap metal guys cutting up the old oil drum that was in the basement crawl space. This was a bit of a shock to us since we weren't planning on that being removed. Turns out one of the contractors had them come in to remove it. But when Kevin called the contractor to find out what was going on, they took off. Leaving a half cut up oil drum. Leaking oil and gas. Which can be smelt throughout the house and backyard.

On a later trip to the house, Kevin discovered that we were locked out. The chain had been put on the front screen door and front door, and the backdoor handle had been locked instead of the deadbolt. Luckily a couple of workers were just leaving the house and stayed to help break into the house. After about an hour and a half they finally got in.

We finally took our last trip from the apartment to the house about 9pm. We brought in the last few things and got a room cleaned up enough to sleep in. Since the house had limited electrical (a couple outlets in only two rooms and no lights), there wasn't much we could do around the house. My parents stopped by on their way home from the Blackhawks game to pick up Sadie. We went down to Champaign Saturday for the homecoming football game and decided it would be best for her to stay in a less stress environment for the day.

Sadie was ready to go and be done with the move
It was quite dark, but luckily we could see a bit with flashlights on our phones (yay smartphones!)
After a super stressful game and some non-stressful tailgating during the day, we headed back to the house, grabbed our stuff and went straight to my parents. Friday night with no lights and no computer/tv/electrical devices was a bit tough. It was also really cold making it an awful night's sleep. So until the lights go on in the house, we'll be out at the parentals' place.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day trying to avoid thinking about everything that has been going on/still needs to happen in the house. Once again Kevin had the Panther Prowl 5k run (that I couldn't run in... stupid foot). This time he ran with his parents. Kevin finished 2nd in his age group with a 32:49 time, his dad 3rd in his age with a 37:07 time, and his mom 1st in her age with a 37:08 time! Congrats to them all (and all the other family runners)! And special congrats to Becky on putting together such a great race! I promise I will try not to be hurt next year so I can run.

And now we sit and wait for power to be restored to our house so we can complete this never ending move.


  1. Beth, I'm enjoying following your story. Your MIL sent me the link. We worked together and have stayed friends after retirement. We, of course, when we're together talk about our kids and I'm glad to get to know you a little better through your blog. Thank you for your energy and inspiration.

  2. Judy, So glad you're enjoying the blog! It's such a joy to share our story with others, especially those important to us and our families!