Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Little Bit Of Reno And A Whole Lot Of Cleaning

It's been a busy few days. Friday was another day of cleaning and our official move into our house day. No more temp. housing. And no more air mattress! Things are still a bit of a mess around here though. Lots of boxes, furniture in places its not supposed to be, etc. But it's slowly coming together.

Our kitchen is finishing up. All of the appliances are in. However the plumbing and gas still need to be hooked up, so the only fully working appliance is the microwave. (The fridge works too, just not the water dispenser/ice maker). But everything is looking great. Can't wait for the counters to go in and all of the appliances to work. And most of our kitchen boxes have been unpacked. But we still need to get the shelves up, the storage bench built, and the pot rack made/hung to finish unpacking.

The bathroom tiling was finished and grouted this weekend as well. Once that dries, everything can be cleaned up and the plumbing hooked up. And then we wont have to go downstairs and to the back of the house to shower and get ready in the morning.

The floors were patched where needed and mouldings were put back up or replaced. They just need a little stain to match.

This past Sunday was another busy family filled try to get the house in order day. While I began unpacking and organizing our things, Kevin and his mom vacuumed and cleaned the basement. And what appeared to be about 50 years of dirt and dust and cobwebs. And after hours of cleaning, it looks so much better down there. We even have a rug for in front of the washer and dryer now. During that same time, my parents tackled the ugly carpet. Or as much as possible. Turns out that the padding was glued to the wood floor underneath. So there are pieces stuck all over. And of course it is sticky. I'm planning to spend a little time this weekend to see if I can get any up/get rid of the stickiness. But it may require the floor to be refinished.

Oh and my refinished table. Fits perfectly next to the door. And the green matches the stained glass window above it as well.

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