Thursday, October 13, 2011

Making The House A Home

After five weeks of construction, projects are beginning to wrap up! The electrical is almost done. Almost all the outlets and switches are in. All of the new light fixtures are up (and look great)! I especially love the master bedroom chandelier (I've always wanted a sparkly chandelier in my bedroom).

The kitchen is also finishing up. The cabinets have gone up and look great. The appliances going in is still in progress.

The bathroom tiling has begun as well. Both bathrooms have floor tile and some wall. The new block windows were installed too, so the wall tile can be completed. And I'm just a tad obsessed with the floor tile. Love it!

So now that most of the dusty, dirty, messy (etc. etc.) construction is done, we've begun the massive cleaning project. A lot of vacuuming and washing. And also starting to uncover and organize furniture and stuff. The living room was the first room tackled. After about a dozen washes and a few different cleaners, we finally found one that got the floors clean! Pledge 4-in-1 Wood Floor Cleaner. We started getting most of the furniture in place as well.

We then went to get the master bedroom together. Once again large amounts of floor cleaning and then some furniture arranging.

So tomorrow brings another day of cleaning and setting up the house. We will officially be moving in tomorrow (for good. I'm ready to get out of my parents' house). More cleaning and unpacking over the weekend. And hopefully soon enough it will really look like a home.


  1. It's looking awesome! I love the floor tile, too!

  2. And your parents are ready for you to get out of their house too! :)

  3. can't wait to see it in person! when are you painting? ;)