Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Like A House, Less Like A Construction Site

The other day, my mom and I spent a few hours and shopped for light fixtures and faucets. Lights for most of the house, and faucets for the kitchen and both upstairs bathrooms.

It took two trips to Menards, one trip to Home Depot, a couple hours online and an Amazon purchase. But I'm super excited for what we got. And I ended up under budget too! (Or at least I think I did based on what our contractor told me I had to spend...)

Today we took a trip to the house to bring some more stuff and check up on progress (and get mail since it's been a while). Taping, mudding and sanding were done in all but the upstairs bathrooms. The walls were mostly primed too!

Outlets had gone in on both the first and second floors. And switches were in on the second floor. Looks like just the first floor switches need to be done then covers on all of them. Apparently the placement of the electrical panel in the basement is illegal, so that needs to get moved to make it code and legal again. But once all of that is taken care of, the power can be flipped on!

Once the electrical is done, the lights can go up and we can fully move into the house (and actually be able to see, which is always a nice concept). Then it's just to finish up the kitchen and upstairs bathrooms and construction should be done. Well, until we get to that roof. There are still a lot of smaller projects we want to do on our own. Over time though.

Oh and that little predicament of the oil drum in the basement. Removed and cleaned up. There is still a little bit of an odor in the crawl space area, but the rest of the house is good. And that should go away after a little more airing out.

Hopefully we can fully move in sometime this week/this coming weekend! Then the fun decorating and other DIY projects can begin! (Since I keep coming up with more and more ideas for the house...) Oh and unpacking. Can't forget about that.

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