Monday, August 29, 2011

The Weekend Wrap Up

And its Monday. The start of another week. But also time to wrap up what happened this weekend.

It was a busy weekend. First notable thing was the trip to Garden Ridge. And I'm in love. This store is great. Huge! And cheap to boot. They were having a few sales while we were there. One being 50% off all pottery. Which was great since we were in the market for some pottery for the house. We got four small pots for the stairs to our front porch (I have plans to paint the house number on these pots too), and one large pot (plastic to make it light and easy to carry) that we are going to use as a compost bin in the backyard (we thought this would be nicer looking than a giant plastic storage container that most DIY sites tell you to use). We dug through the door mat piles and found one with a great vintage flare and the letter G. It just seemed to be calling to us and the house. And of course I took a picture of the organization aisles (or a couple because I couldn't get them all in one shot).

Next on the weekend agenda was finally buying my camera! Now I don't want to start a Canon/Nikon battle... but I did get a Canon. Now I have nothing against Nikon. They make great cameras. However, I happen to already have a Canon SLR. And a few lenses. Canon has designed their DSLRs to work with lenses from the old SLR cameras. So to save myself a headache and a lot of money to replace lenses, I went with the Canon (not to mention I'm already familiar with how their cameras work). I've been watching camera prices for years to be able to justify and afford one, and Best Buy is having a wonderful sale currently. The new model was on sale for the same price as the old model. Not to mention they have free financing for 18 months, making it the perfect time to buy. Unfortunately they only sell the body only of the camera online, so I had to order it. It should be here by the end of this week/early next week. Just in time for lots of pictures of house projects!

And of course what post would be complete without a little roof drama. Apparently the sellers are refusing to give us any of the insurance compensation for the roof damage. I guess we can blame ourselves for not putting together a contract saying any insurance compensation belongs to us to fix the roof (or them if they were going to actually fix the roof). But who would have thought that was needed. To me its a no-brainer. The insurance gives money to repair the roof, the money goes to the people who are going to repair the roof. I guess not in the minds of the sellers. Instead the money goes straight into their own pocket and no roof repairing is done. That seems just a tad scummy and unethical to me. Not to mention to our realtor and her manager (who have never encountered a seller who has tried to pull something like this). Oh well. I'm trying not to dwell on it. Karma's a b*tch. So I'm sure they'll get their dues sooner or later.

On a happier note, closing day is tomorrow! Still crossing my fingers that everything goes fairly smoothly from here on out.


  1. Garden Ridge looks awesome! I see a field trip in our future.

  2. I loved Garden Ridge and did great for a client who needed artwork for his office! Glad to hear you loved it too! Good luck tomorrow-- my fingers are crossed for you guys,!!