Thursday, August 25, 2011

Closing Time

Woo! We have a closing date! Not one of those arbitrary days picked out of thin air, but a firm scheduled one! August 30. Not exactly our first choice (that would have been last week... or last month...), but hey at least it exists finally.

And now my months of mental planning/window shopping can become reality! I can actually shop for tile and cabinets and lighting and counters and appliances and furniture and paint and accessories...etc. etc. I'm a bit of an organization geek, and have bookmarked pages into folders and subfolders of all sorts of stuff I want. But before I get anything, I heard of this store, Garden Ridge, that I have fallen in love with just based on the pictures online (seriously, I'm like giddy about the idea of going to this store). You can't shop online though (which is sad). Despite that, they still had me at "over 1000 ways to get organized" (yes the organization geek comes out again). I'm pretty sure I could spend my life's savings (which isn't very big, but still) on organization. I've always dreamed of having a great closet with a wonderful closet organizer. You know, the nice wood ones.

Anyway, back to reality. Once we close, we'll walk through the house and post all sorts of "before" pictures up here for everyone to see, along with what we're planning for each room. It's super exciting to know we're one step closer to making this house our home.

On another note, our apartment has been rented for once we vacate. The people have decided they liked a bunch of the colors we painted, which means less for us (me) to paint over. This is especially nice since they loved the red bedroom (the dark red paint + primer took four coats, five in some spots) which would have surely been a pain to paint over. Though I am just a tad bit upset that I'm going to have to paint over my masterpiece wall (special thanks to my mom for her help on it). But then again there are some fun paint treatments planned for the house as well, so I guess that will make up for it all. (Forgive the quality of the picture. As good as the camera on my phone is, it's not great.)

Things are starting to come together. Still waiting to hear on the roof issue, but our attorney is hopefully working that out for us. Well, I think that's about all for now. Look for a post next week with all sorts of before pictures of the place! I'll for sure be posting again before then though (planning on going to Garden Ridge this weekend... did I mention how giddy I am to go to this store?) 

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  1. I'm going to miss that wall almost as much as I'll enjoy seeing the new and exciting things you do in the new house!