Friday, August 26, 2011

The Roof.. The Roof.. The Roof Is On Fire

Well no, not literally (though that could possibly make this situation easier to resolve...) But we're back... with more on the roof... and still no resolution.

So back in May, when we had the house inspected and they found all sorts of fun things, we negotiated with the sellers to give us a bit of a credit for them. This included but was by no means limited to the worn down roof (I've mentioned the knob and tube and lead pipes before...). After the crazy Chicago storm, the roof was in even worse condition. So we asked the sellers to put into their insurance to have it fixed/replaced (figuring insurance generally covers wind/storm damage). Apparently the insurance denied them.

Well brilliant us snapped some pictures after the storm (see above) and happened to have a picture of the roof from the inspection report (which was well before the storm). The sellers took those pictures back to their insurance as proof that it was the storm that damaged the roof. The insurance said since the roof was old and worn they couldn't replace it completely, but they would give a check to repair it/the section that was lifted up. Great right? Apparently not.

The sellers are now trying to tell us we can either take the credit we negotiated before or this check. Well that's a little frustrating, since the credit was for more than just the roof and also for the roof in the previous condition. So the two attorneys are chatting back and forth to get the sellers to agree to the credit plus at least a portion of the check (or the check and a portion of the credit... either way you look at it). Hopefully we'll have a resolution soon.

On a side note, apparently I am on a bit of a music lyric/title blog title kick. I'll try to stop that with the next post (but I'm not promising anything). And don't forget to follow our blog and leave us some loving comments!

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