Monday, November 28, 2011

Hang Up Your Coat And Stay A While

So we (or more so I) have had some crazy ideas for decor and repurposing stuff around the house. We had this dresser in the master bedroom closet that just didn't work. The drawers didn't slide and it just was taking up a ton of space. So when redoing the closet, we pulled it out. And it was then I came up with an idea to reuse the drawer fronts for a coat rack.

First step was to get the drawer fronts detached from the rest of the drawer. Luckily with a couple hits of the hammer, they popped right off. Then hooks were attached.

The original plan was to hang them on the wall with plugs for strength. But the plaster walls and my plugs didn't seem to want to get along this time. So after some nice holes were put in the wall, plan A was scrapped.

Plan B consisted of attaching a board to the wall with toggle bolts then attaching the drawer fronts to that board. I attached all five drawer fronts together with a couple boards to make it easier to hang and level. Note to self for the future: Menards has a crappy (non-existant) lumber department (normally I would have gone to Home Depot, but I was already at Menards because they have a better lighting department).

With a little decorating of the table top, the entryway is almost complete. Just need a rug and to frost the window on the door and we should be set. Maybe a little paint later on.

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