Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let There Be Light

We replaced almost every light in the house with new, slightly more modern ones. Partly because they were just a tad ugly (in our opinions). But also because they were quite old and the wiring was a tad shoddy. The only one we kept was the dining room. Not because we really liked it. But because I had this crazy idea of spray painting it (props to Pinterest, where I spend way too much of my very little free time).

So the longer than expected process began.

Since we weren't figuring we'd need to take the light down for anything, I built a ridiculous spray painting shelter around the chandelier. It involved hanging plastic from the ceiling around 3 sides of the chandelier, a drop cloth on the table below, and more plastic on the front open side below the chandelier. I taped over the chain and wiring so that didn't get sprayed and removed all of the hanging crystals.

Then came one coat of primer and two coats of color. And some new shades. Everything was looking great to put the chandelier back together.

Except then Kevin noticed some of the wires were fraying. As he looked further, more and more of the wiring was shot (probably why we didn't use most of the other light fixtures in the house). So he then had the fun task of rewiring the light. And my shelter idea to not have to take down the chandelier was kind of ruined. Not only did we have to take it down, but it was disassembled into pieces. But hey at least we know the wiring is safe.

To top off the new look, we got new shades. It looks like a completely different chandelier!

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