Sunday, November 6, 2011

There's Never Enough Time In The Day

Even with an extra hour, the weekends never seem to be long enough to get done everything I want to do. But nevertheless, we did make some good progress on the house.

Friday night we got a little work done. I put together the two over the door shoe racks in order to let the 3M sticky tape take full hold to the doors before unpacking shoes. I'm hoping this week I can get all the shoes unpacked.

Saturday we didn't do much on the house since we had Porkfest 2011 to go to (my coworkers and families/significant others got together for the evening and lots of food). I spent the morning baking cupcakes for it too. French toast with maple buttercream and bacon.

We stopped at Ikea on our way. Which is one thing I will never do again. Ikea on a Saturday afternoon. Definitely going up there with worst decisions of my life. So many people. But we ended up getting what we needed. A couple rugs for the bedroom (so little puppy nails on the wood floor wont keep us up all night), a couple more brackets for the shelves in the giant closet (apparently a couple got misplaced since we ended up with two extra shelves), some fun canisters for Kevin's coffee so it looks nicer on the kitchen shelf, a glass shelf for over the sink in the master bathroom (for things like soap and toothbrushes and what not), a trash can for the second upstairs bathroom, and some pretty smelling candles (cause I couldn't resist).

Sunday has been a busy day. We started the day with errands. Home Depot, Joann Fabrics, and Menards. Home Depot was the first stop. We picked up some electrical stuff so Kevin could get the cable and ethernet hooked up and running properly. We also got accessories for the master bath. Toilet paper holder, hand towel holder, etc. And yard bags. More on those to come.

Joann Fabrics was to get dye for the living room curtains. I mentioned in an earlier post about how they were white and I may dye them. Well turns out they look a little too antique-y and old while white. So we're going to try a nice pearl grey to see how that looks.

Then the last stop of the day, Menards. Here we got accessories for the second bath upstairs. A free standing toilet paper holder and a hand towel hook. And got a toilet topper storage ordered for the master bathroom. The website lied to me and said it was in stock in store. But it should be in within the week, so we can just get it up next weekend.

So back to those yard bags. After cleaning and putting up most of the Ikea/Home Depot/Menards stuff, we went outside. Originally the thought was to just rake up the coating of leaves on our yard. But then somehow changed to also starting to clean up the plants that are taking over. So we started back by the parking pad. Between the leaves and the plant mess, we filled 8 yard bags. Yes those big brown paper ones. And we barely made a dent in the plants that need to be brought back under control. We decided though that with how out of control everything is, it would just be easiest to cut everything back completely and start fresh with new plants come spring. We have 7 more (empty) bags. And I'm sure will fill them all (and possibly more) cleaning up the rest of the plants. But our yard already looks better and bigger!

Of course a little cleaning and laundry got done as well so we don't get too behind with that. Hopefully this week (weather permitting) we can make some more headway on the mess that are the plants in our yard. Have to get to that before it gets too terribly cold (and before yard waste pickup stops). Also hoping to get the curtains dyed one night. Once the storage unit for the bathroom comes in we can finish putting together the bathroom as well. Things seem to be coming together finally. As we sit and wait for the contractor to finish their stuff. But even once all of that is done, we still have a long list of project ideas.

And thanks to everyone who has donated to the Love&Reno-vation Fund so far!

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