Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Housework And Halloween!

Another weekend, some more house work. And it's starting to finally look like we're not still in the moving process. Because most of the boxes are finally unpacked. Things aren't all quite in their final places, but at least they're out of boxes.

With the sewing (and ironing) help of my mother, we got curtains hemmed. I probably could have done a few since wonderful Ikea sells theirs with hem tape. But the ones that involved actual sewing, not so much. I also got some new blinds hung in the master bedroom (since the old roller shades were broken). The blinds were just a tad more difficult than they should have been since they were about 1/4 of an inch too wide for the space. Though after a little manipulation, we got them to fit.

And those shelves I bought almost two months ago, finally went up. And the unpacking and organizing the closet has begun. There is still a bit of stuff left to unpack. And I will probably rearrange everything a dozen times until I find the way I like it. But it's progress.

Speaking of closets, I also got the hanging bars up in the master closet. Which then allowed me to unpack the rest of the clothes. Yay for no more living out of suitcases!

We spent a little time getting the living room somewhat more put together as well (since other than sleeping this is where we spend most of our time). We added feet to the tv stand to make it look a little less modern and fit with the style of the house a bit more. I have plans to also make doors for the front to conceal all the electronics (and wires that can be seen behind the stand). Something similar to a radiator cover since there is a vent behind the stand so heat needs a way to get through.

Then came the new coffee table. Or tables I should say. Our old table was just too big for the space. The new ones are two small square tables, that pushed together make a long rectangular one. They are distressed black metal with glass top and shelf (providing extra storage for things like the laptops). It's been so nice to have a table to put a glass on rather than the floor now!

And to add some fall decor (that I had been meaning to get to for a while), my pumpkin craft project! I spray painted cheap foam pumpkins from Michael's in copper, silver, and black. They add a nice little touch to the porch. Next year I think I might add a little straw or something to complete the look. Best part is that since they aren't jack-o-lanterns or orange and black, they can stay out through thanksgiving (when hopefully I will have some sort of winter decor to replace them with).

Of course we can't forget our first Halloween in the house passing out candy to trick or treaters! We ended up buying a little too much candy (we went through about 3 bags though). But as my mother taught me, it's better to have too much than not enough. Sadie also got dressed up in her pumpkin costume for the holiday.

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