Friday, December 9, 2011

Backsplash Bonanza

We finally have a backsplash! It was a decently long process, but well worth it. We decided to go with something a little different from the traditional tile and went with "tin" tile (it was actually a plastic, making it easier to work with).

The first step was to prime the tiles (two coats) so the paint would hold and not peel off when wiped down.

Then two coats of cream colored paint.

We then sanded them down to give them a bit of an old, distressed look.

Installing them was super easy. They cut with just a pair of scissors and went up in no time.

We love how it turned out! Unique and unexpected, but looks great! And it was definitely an easy DIY project for anyone, no matter how handy (or unhandy). So hopefully we can inspire others to think about a tin backsplash instead of typical tile... maybe?

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