Monday, March 18, 2013

Office Space

So there was a slightly awkward addition at the back of our house. It left an extra room on both the first and second floors. We have yet to tackle the second floor addition area, but on the first floor we opened up the wall and extended the kitchen into half of this addition. But that still left half of the addition room empty. It was a bit of an odd space. Originally we thought about turning it into a den/sitting area, but realized that would probably never get used. We're not the formal living room type. So instead we turned it into a home office.

The office made the most sense for our lifestyle. We'd never use a space with just a couch or a chair. But the office allows for us to have a space to work from home or for Kevin to work for his consulting job. It also allows a place for us to put Kevin's extra large monitor that would otherwise sit in the box in the basement. It also allows us a place to hook up a computer and pay bills or the like, if we'd rather at a desk than sitting on the couch with our laptops (still has yet to happen, but maybe one day).

We used a desk we had in our last apartment. I've talked about painting it black to match other furniture (it's currently a black-brown color), but just haven't gotten around to it yet. We set up our display bookshelf on it's side in front of the desk for all of our tchotchkes. It also made the area seem a bit more finished rather than looking at the front of a desk (it's not a fancy, ornate desk). Then finally I painted and glazed some old glass jars and put some flowers in them to give a sense of privacy at the desk, and divide the rooms a bit since it is open to the kitchen eating area.

Take a look at our *mostly* done office!

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